In India, Mandatory COVID App Raises Privacy and Data-Theft Issues – Digital Privacy News

The government of India last month took several steps to allay some privacy fears over its official COVID-19 contact-tracing app, Aarogya Setu. The app’s terms of service now says the government will accept “limited liability” for data collected by the app, which had not been the case. The device also is now open-sourced, allowing independent coders and researchers to check for security flaws. But Aarogya Setu, announced in April by the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology, still

Facebook Touts Messenger Rooms as Zoom Alternative, But Experts Question Claims – Digital Privacy News

Facebook recently debuted its Messenger Rooms group video-chat service, touting it as a safer alternative to the Zoom’s embattled video-conferencing platform, but experts tell Digital Privacy News that’s not the case. “In terms of privacy, I would consider FBMR to be slightly higher-risk than Microsoft Teams and definitely better than Zoom, but on a par with Google Meet,” said U.K. privacy expert Rowenna Fielding. “Both Facebook and Google’s business model is based on harvesting people’s data

Do Your Headlines Score 100% on the 4 U’s test?

You have probably heard of the 4Us – the key to writing awesome headlines. The 4U principle states that your headline must be: “Make $100,000 A Year Working from Home” is loads better than “Get Rich Working from Home”. Is your headline about something the reader has heard a million times before? It won’t work. Make it unique. Offer a strong benefit in your subject line. Something the reader will want to read on for. Give your reader a reason to act now, instead of later. “Get 50% on my Emai

The No. 1 Thing You Can Do to Boost Your Freelance Career in 2020

When I first decided to become a freelance writer, I had no idea how to go about it… I wasted time writing personal essays and opinion pieces – and trying to pitch them to various editors. Out of every 5 publications I sent my essays out to, I’d only get a response from 1 on average. And it was mostly to say, “Thanks, but no thanks. We aren’t looking to print more pieces on this topic”. I was reaching out to prospective clients constantly – and getting a no almost every time. But there’s so

The F.R.I.E.N.D.S. Secret to Powerful Copywriting

In the 1800s in Paris, a unique service started being advertised around opera houses. This little company, that called itself L’Assurance des Succès Dramatiques started showing up in theater managers’ offices. For a fee they would provide theater owners with claquers — hired audience members who would clap, laugh and shout for encores. These hired members would do such a great job of stirring up the rest of the audience with their claps and shouts, that ‘ claquering ‘ soon became a very profi

5 Ways to Sell Without Selling

I’m a copywriter and I know no ‘free resource’ is really free — all reports, downloads, free articles, templates and webinars lead to one thing. And even though doing this constitutes my entire job — I still grow wary when I feel I’m being sold to. That is true of all prospects — with no exceptions. This may seem quite contradictory, because what you’ll come to realize as a marketer or copywriter is this…people LOVE buying! So what do you do when your prospect loves buying new stuff — but ha

Everything You Need To Know About Chest Binding And Why It’s Done

The practice of chest binding is as popular as it is controversial. It is used by the transgender, gender-fluid and gender-nonconforming community, to minimize the appearance of breasts, lending a more masculine, flat chested appearance to the body. Binding can be uncomfortable, dangerous and at times, painful, but the cons are made up for, many times over, by the sense of safety and positive gender reaffirmation they offer. Here are some things you might not have known about chest binding. Bin

How Our Comics Are Changing The Way India Thinks

Comedy has never had too many takers in India. But our new-age, millennial, Hinglish-spouting comics are changing that, and how! With popularity comes influence, with influence comes power and with power comes responsibility. Comics today are holding up that responsibility proudly, using their shows to espouse values of feminism, religious acceptance and tolerance. Comedy collective AIB’s recent Harassment Through The Ages, seeks to call out Bollywood’s problematic glorification of “casual” sta

How 3D Printing Is Changing Construction Technology

The world is going digital, and the next frontier to be breached is the third dimension! 2016 could well be called the year of 3D – 3D televisions have gone mainstream already, and now you can even get your very own 3D printer, courtesy companies like Makerbot, that are striving to make commercial 3D printers a reality. 3D printing has been used so far to print items ranging from a shoe, to human organs, to a car. But the coolest new advancement on the 3D printing horizon will convince you tha

Why This Bipolarity, Mr Nihalani?

Begum Jaan, a gritty movie about sex workers fighting for their livelihood and home in the Partition era, has been given an ‘A’ certificate by the CBFC with no cuts. The CBFC has also passed certain cuss words and phrases it generally doesn’t let through, saying that the context of the scenes justifies their usage. This is commendable, and entirely unexpected! Moves like this one go to show that Indian movie censors are increasingly exhibiting a level of maturity and sensitivity, hitherto glari

What is RestSharp? Code Examples, Tutorials & More

RestSharp is one of the several ways to create a web service or web request in .NET; we discuss a few other such options in this post. In today’s post, though, we’ll take a look at RestSharp specifically, its features and benefits, and a few examples of RestSharp in action. RestSharp is a comprehensive, open-source HTTP client library that works with all kinds of DotNet technologies.  It can be used to build robust applications by making it easy to interface with public APIs and quickly access

7 Tax Deductions You Can Claim If You Work From Home

Freelancers or work-from-homers often miss out on a massive chunk of benefits that regular office-goers can lay claim to. From medical insurance, paid-for meals, childcare to business deductibles, they often end up plodding and paying their own way through for these essentials. (A ‘deductible’ or ‘write off’ is any legitimate expense that can be deducted from your total taxable income, thus reducing the amount of tax you need to pay). However, if you work from home, any business-related costs i

Why Don't Indian Millennials Save Enough?

Money woes besiege us all! With our salary coming in by the 1st, and vanishing down endless Old Monk-sodden conversations, house parties and Netflix by the 10th, millennials usually have no money left to afford milk by the end of the month, let alone to save. Anshu K, 20, says, “I’ve been trying to save every month, but living by yourself in a city like Mumbai can be expensive, and saving and finances aren’t really the first things on anyone’s mind when they get their salary”. Savings, investm

Blame Bolly All You Will, But Stalking is Ingrained in Our Culture

Months after battling the unsavoury tag of the world’s “rape-capital”, India is fast gaining another – that of the world’s “stalking capital”. Delhi, Chennai, Mumbai – no city seems safe, and no woman goes unpunished. After all, if a woman gets stalked, harassed or molested, she must have done something, right? Dressed provocatively, been out late at night, or led the attacker on in some way? Or so India’s self-appointed protectors of morals would have you believe.The very act of existing as a

12 Times George R. R. Martin Broke The Rules Of Fantasy Writing (And Had You Going WTF)

Fantasy writing has always more or less followed a set pattern: there’s a wronged hero, a wise old mentor, and an all powerful, seemingly undefeatable villain. The rules of fantasy writing dictate that the hero will win in the end and come home to an admiring populace, all faults forgotten, in the wake of defeating the biggest villain to plague their world. But what happens when a major author — say George R. R. Martin, for instance — breaks those rules?  Martin's beloved series, A Song of Ic

5 Life Lessons From India's Stand-Up Comedians

Comedy is serious business, they say. From smartphone-shot, goofy videos attracting maybe five viewers, to a million-strong fan base, stand-up comedians like Kanan Gill, Tanmay Bhatt, Azeem Banatwalla and others, sure have latched onto a smart business model. Slogging it out every step of the way, these millennial artists ditched dead-end, often lucrative day-jobs, to follow their dreams, building entire empires on the very serious business that is comedy! Starting out is never easy, but the st

9 Things The Sorting Hat Can Teach Us About Life, Destiny, And Greatness

There are plenty of wise characters in the Harry Potter series. Of course, there's Headmaster Dumbledore with his brand of mischievous wisdom. There's Professor McGonagall with her no-nonsense approach to things. There's Hermione Granger, with her plucky intelligence and sassy (but useful) one-liners. There's Sirius Black, whose heart is always in the right place — even if his head isn't. There are countless others who contributed their wisdom to Harry's journey: Mr. and Mrs. Weasley, Hagrid, Lu

"Pets Welcome, Humans Tolerated!" - Welcome to an Amazing Pet-Friendly Cafe in Pune

“Pets welcome, humans tolerated!” is what a sign on the wall proudly proclaims. Welcome to Where Else, Pune’s first cafe where you can nip over for a cup of coffee with your furry buddies, of the four-legged variety. (Or two, really. Be it cats, hamsters or even humans — all pets are welcome at Where Else!) Boobie and Ballsy are the local celebrities of Viman Nagar and they sure act like it! With their very own wooden cottage, the two cats are treated exceptionally well and are adored by waiter

Twitter Doubles Character Limit For Tweets, In A Global Test

The 140-character limit has long been a defining feature of Twitter, and has been a source of consternation for people almost as long. “Trying to cram your thoughts into a Tweet – we’ve all been there, and it’s a pain”, Twitter Product Manager Aliza Rosen said in a recent blog post. “We want every person around the world to easily express themselves on Twitter, so we’re doing something new: we’re going to try out a longer limit, 280 characters.” This long-awaited move is only for a
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